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What is Stallrent ?

Stallrent portable stalls are as durable as they are functional. The heavy steel welded construction, provides superior strength that is second to none in the equine products and horse stall industry. Read whole article
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More about portable stalls

!–:LT–>Populiarėjant žirgų sportui Lietuvoje, kyla poreikis gerinti varžybų aptarnavimą. Kokybiškai organizuojamos žirginio sporto varžybos ne tik gerina sportininkų rezultatus, bet ir pritraukia daugiau žiūrovų, o tai dar labiau populiarina žirgų sportą.

As Horseback Riding becomes more and more popular in Lithuania, it is necessary to increase the quality and condotions of provided services. The better the quality of organised events, the better the result and higher the ammount of spectators, what makes horseback riding more polular. Most of the events lats few days and after each competition it is needed to have a good rest not only for the rider but fot the horse as well. The main aspect of Horseback riding event organising – is taking good care of the Horse before and after the competitions. The best way to achieve

that task is by using portable stalls and enclosure. Also we can offer spectator pavilions, tents and cabins for secretariat and referees (more in Services).